We are a decade old company

We are a decade old company based on innovative and integrated fields of work believing in the philosophy of meeting consumer needs and giving customer satisfaction by constantly improvising products making them efficient.
About Us

About Sarian LLC

Sarian LLC is a United Arab Emirates formed enterprise. We cater and excel in genuine products. We are a general trading company. We hold a prominent existence in GCC and Mena regions. We are involved in an extensive range of products concentrating on raw materials, derivatives, intermediates and finished products.

Our operations are handled via our offices in five different countries with head office in the United Arab Emirates. We are intended to give value to our business to business clients in the Middle East and North Africa.

Enduring vision, inspiring values


The Sarian LLC has been reinforced around creating trust and providing value – captured in the vision:


Offer equal opportunity in a gender diverse, multicultural and multinational environment.



Solar Panel

Electronics Items

Mobile Phone / Laptops



Heavy Equipment’s